Medicare Compliant Account Liquidation

"A provider may sell their patient accounts receivables after writing off their bad debts as worthless, as long as they have fulfilled all the requirements in the regulation at 42CFR 413.89 and Chapter 3 of the Provider Reimbursement Manual” – Center for Medicare Management

Accelerate Cost Reporting

Regulations state that reimbursement for Medicare DSH means that providers must wait to get paid for all other payers. As a result, there can be a tail on the 990 filing while providers wait for Medicare DSH payments until all patient responsibility settles. Capio excludes Medicare accounts from a debt purchase and therefore providers can liquidate unpaid services immediately.

501r Compliance for Non-ECA and ECA

Debt liquidation is permitted under 501R as both a Non-ECA and ECA. Capio works with providers to make sure that all aspects of 501r are addressed. Capio will review accounts and work with hospital leadership to determine the best approach. Capio’s core values related to our Advocacy program and patient outreach ensure a white glove approach for patient communications.


  • No fees or interest charged to patients

  • Accounts are never resold

  • No legal action against patients

  • Guaranteed exclusive buy-back rights

  • Contract opt-out clause

  • Forward flow & backlog programs

  • Free portfolio evaluations

  • Verified funding


  • Turn unpaid, dormant accounts into a new,
    consistent revenue stream

  • Accelerated cash flow at any point after
    accounts have been written off to bad debt

  • Exclusive to healthcare

  • 100% compliant

  • Dedicated Patient Advocacy &
    Financial Assistance teams

Capio: Patient Advocates at Heart


Healthcare Clients


Patient Accounts Served


Account Balances Managed


Payment Plans Provided

“We highly recommend that any healthcare company
interested in partnering with a well respected leader
in the debt purchasing industry, choose Capio!”

Capio Client

“Thank you for treating me with respect, courtesy, kindness and understanding. It made a huge, positive difference in the entire experience. I commend your company and your employees.”


“Capio’s team is well-versed in the intricacies of assisting patients through education and managing healthcare accounts. Their collection methodology, and specifically their Patient Advocacy Team, work hard to protect our hospitals’ reputations and patient relationships. We are caregivers, and everyone wins with our relationship that is compassionate, compliant and complaintless.”

Capio Client

“I get the feeling that all of your representatives are
trained to listen and present solutions that are not
onerous or overbearing. I also get the feeling that you
have employees who demonstrate the standards that
you wish your company to be known by. Thank you.”


“Selling uncollected, late-stage receivables has become
a standard part of our revenue cycle. Capio’s attention
to detail and consistent, positive responses to our
needs, places them at the top of their industry”

Capio Client

“For the more than two years we have been working together, Capio has added millions of dollars to our bottom line. More importantly, they have proven themselves as true partners.”

Capio Client

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