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“For the more than two years we have been working together, Capio has added millions of dollars to our bottom line. More importantly, they have proven themselves as true partners.”

“Not only has Capio proven that they understand the importance that our patients hold to us, but they understand the value of building a true partnership. Capio has connected with us on a corporate level, but most importantly, they maintain an exceptional working relationship with our 60 individual hospitals.”

“Capio’s team is well-versed in the intricacies of assisting patients through education and managing healthcare accounts. Their collection methodology and specifically their Patient Advocacy Team work hard to protect our hospitals’ reputations and patient relationships. We are caregivers, and everyone wins with our relationship that is compassionate, compliant and complaintless.”

“Due to our System’s size and presence in the community, customer service and management of those accounts was our biggest concern. We require that all our vendor partners represent us in the most dignified and professional manner when dealing with our patients. Over the years, Capio has continued to manage this book of business reflecting our Mission Statement. They are professional and understand the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships.”

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Sales Inquiry

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